Delight Your Guests with a Mind-Blowing Indian Buffet

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Indian cuisine has carved out a place of its own in the hearts of people from different corners of the world. With its savoury flavours and mouth-watering aroma, Indian dishes are in great demand all across the world. Many Indians have settled fell in various countries of the world, and have taken initiatives to make locals familiar with the Indian delicacies. No matter what ways you choose to make people taste Indian fare, there is no better excuse than arranging a buffet where people container grind on Indian delicacies up to their heart’s fill. A detailed lambaste would be more than an invitation for people to gorge on lip-smacking food, keeping alone their diets and restrictions aside. You can consider the following food items for your sideboard menu.

Finger foods

No gathering can start off well extrinsic the right dose of appetizers. And when it comes to Indian parties, kebabs unquestionably rule. Be it Reshmi kebab, Shami kebab or paneer kebab, guests who are well aware of Indian cuisine decree look out for these the ephemeral they come to your party. However, these kebabs may not taste their best without their companion, the mint-coriander chutney. Make sure you serve your guests these spicy kebabs with hot chutney further they will get a good idea of what you have in outlet for them.


When it comes to the main course, Indians are worshippers from Biryani. Chicken or mutton Biryani is their evergreen main course dish. Prohibition only Indians, biryani is loved close all those who harmonize a chance to dig into the royal aroma and delectable spices of this delicacy, which dates back to the Moghul period of Indian history. The heavy flavours and royal haute cuisine are a fitting nod to India’s culinary legacy. If you do want to add more colours to your buffet, then consider adding biddy tikka masala to your biryani; it is are sure to satisfy stomachs and hearts.


The trip through the delicious nooks et cetera corners of Indian cuisine would be in vain without a taste about its melt-in-your-mouth desserts. Whether you absence to pamper your guests with the utterly divinity gulab jamuns, rasgullas, pedhas, or the cute gajar ka halwa, the taste regarding the pudding will linger on their flavor buds for a long time.

Mouth freshener

Indians have some amazing food items which serve as mouth fresheners for them. These mouth fresheners have also picked up speed along the other food items of the Indian cuisine. The most famous Indian mouth freshener is the paan or the beetle leaf, which is called ‘tambula’ in Sanskrit. It helps with digestion, reduces blood pressure, and relieves corrupt breath. Allow your guests to enjoy the pleasures of this beautiful preparation bygone they are done with their meals.

Indian cuisine is a warehouse of rich and dignified provisions items, prepared in the most detailed way and eaten with best eagerness. Permission your guests a brief visit to this land of varying cultures with your buffet spread.