Pink Parenting Magazine – Designed With the LGBT Community in Mind

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The magazine Pink Parenting is an offspring of a media company called G & J Media Ltd; they focus on creating successful advertising campaigns. G & J Media Ltd came into being due to its collaboration of thoughts, challenges, further the aspirations that provide amazing place titles.

In the course scenario where a considerable section of the population is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, G & J Media has seized the capitalize on to start a magazine called Pink Parenting. A realistic arithmetic shows that there are close to 14 million children belonging to gay parents in the US alone; this figure is based on a US census report.

Pink Parenting is designed for the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexuals, and Transgenders). The subscription concentrates on giving valuable insights about children to this parent community. The articles either garner interest in LGBT couples to have children or give advice to those that have. This is the era regarding modern families and Pink Parenting has sworn to store its readers well informed.

Pink Parenting focuses on these lay times where more LGBT people are becoming parents compared to before. The first issue of Pink Parenting came out in July/August 2011. The target audience is for LGBT couples, shortly in the senesce group of 30 – 45, who are more interested in modern equinox life and starting a family, and secondly for the gay club scene.

Some of the even features of the magazine include:
We Love section – latest news, reviews, gifts, gadgets and gizmos
Book & Childish friendly product reviews section
Annabel’s Kitchen section – Annabel Karmel concerning CITV’s is a stated “Cooking with Kids & Child Nutrition” contributor
Q&A section – done using celebrities, authors, attorneys, et sequens real people regarding their journeys

Thoughts and legal seemly on Pink Parenting section
And, a fantastic travel section – containing a couples retreat, and migrant plans with kids to all gay open door destinations.

A Pink Parenting magazine subscription is available in alot ways, including waiting rooms throughout UK & Ireland; newsstands, gyms, and gay friendly businesses – legal, finance, surrogacy centers; hotels, coffee shops, reserve stores, belonging to LGBTs, in the most popular homosexual districts in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Spain, France, and Germany. Pink Parenting is also working with LGBT organizations to help reproduce additional admeasurement channels.

One of the avenues where Blossom Parenting is gaining popularity is in the digital world. Many LGBTs in certain parts of the world are still in the closet on their status. As Pink Parenting offers advice on all sorts of topics related to LGBTs, a digital subscription to Pink Parenting magazine helps them gain information on all the latest news possible.

Digital publishing can be compared and in some places even outdo print publishing. Many publishers swindle made the switch to digital publishing. Pink Parenting currently publishes in both print and digital versions. With the digital version of the magazine, the publisher can comprehend interactive content with hyperlinks and videos. Digital publishing has crossed over from being online on desktops and PCs to mobile computing devices. This makes the magazine easily available to a larger section concerning readers. Also, with the spark of the digital age and go-green revolution, switching to the digitized version of a magazine can help stockpile the environment et al you get to keep all of the magazines you purchased without having to worry about storage or accessibility.